SEO for Photographer and Other Fine Businesses

SEO Benefits

More Organic Traffic
Modern businesses need multiple streams of leads and new clients. Search engine optimization (SEO) can provide your business with a steady stream of leads and new clients. The fundamental tenets of SEO involve improving your website’s structure, content, and user experience.
When someone submits an inquiry, that is a ‘conversion.’ Google knows conversions. By following Google’s webmaster guidelines, you improve your website’s ability to convert traffic into leads and new clients. Google has figured out how people search and make buying decisions online. When you perform SEO,  you converting more visitors from Google and  traffic from referrals, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. All traffic will convert better.

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Bounce Rates

Bounce Rates I know, it's exciting stuff! Bounce rates is when someone comes to your website, they don't go to any other page, and then they leave. Leaving, as in they either go back to the page they came from, or they go out somewhere else, or whatever. Bounce rate...

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Where Should Clients Review Me?

Where is the best place for a client to leave a review about their experience with you? There are a lot of options out there, that will determine the best place for clients to leave a review. One of the first places that may come to mind is Google, right? Google has a...

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Moving to https: Are SSL Certificates Free?

With the release of Chrome version 68 on July 24th, Google made another change to how is shows web pages that are not using the secure https connection. If you've yet to make the move, you may be wondering about the associated costs of switching, and how much you...

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What is High-Quality Content?

In today's online marketing strategies we hear a lot of talk about high-quality content. But, what is high-quality content? We are going to go over that and discuss how you could use high-quality content and ways that you can understand what it is and how...

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