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Where Should Clients Review Me?

Where is the best place for a client to leave a review about their experience with you? There are a lot of options out there, that will determine the best place for clients to leave a review. One of the first places that may...

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Bounce Rates

Bounce Rates I know, it's exciting stuff! Bounce rates is when someone comes to your website, they don't go to any other page, and then they leave. Leaving, as in they either go back to the page they came from, or they go out somewhere else, or whatever....

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Keywords for Wedding Photographers

An Integral part of performing search engine optimization for wedding photographers is keyword research. There are many considerations when choosing the best keywords for your wedding photography website. Choosing the right keywords can make the...

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Step-by-Step Blog Content Audit Guide

Download the Content Audit Slides I want to go over how to perform a content audit. To get started, though, we got to understand what is a content audit? I use this from Moz. They have a great blog post kind of running through the very similar...

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Photographers Guide to Image SEO

  Download the slides from the video above Today I want to go over the Photographer's Guide to Image SEO. So, in this guide, we're gonna talk about the benefits of image SEO and we're gonna go through image selection, image placement, image...

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How To Fix Old Blog Post

Today, I want to talk about how to enhance old content. You've written some blog post, you have a history of content that maybe you've put out in the last six months or a year, or maybe you have some content dating back to 2007 or 2005. It's sitting...

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SEO For Photographers in 2017

As photographers plan for the future of their SEO, there are trends and changes in Google that should be paid attention to. In this video, we cover search trends in Google that affect SEO. We cover the importance of mobile optimization for...

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