Rankings Affected by the Yoast Bug? Don’t Panic!

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Has the Yoast bug affected your website’s rankings? We put together a quick video to explain why this happened, what to check, and what you need to do next.

As mentioned in the video, Google is fairly slow at crawling sites. If your settings are not correct. change them as soon as possible. This will minimize the chance of any negative impact.

Yoast has been in touch with Google, and Google has advised that any ranking drop is likely to be unrelated to this issue. However, a sudden influx of low-quality pages could attract a Panda penalty.

The great things is, the Panda algorithm is not as severe as it was back in 2012. If a Panda penalty has been applied to your site, your website should recover relatively quickly if you take action now.  Correct the settings ASAP, purge the index, and re-submit your site for fresh indexing. Yoast has been proactive about this and set a 410 code (content deleted) to any indexed attachments. You may end up with a bunch of 404 pages hanging around Google Search Console for a while, any ranking dip should be short term.

A summary of your next steps:

  1. Check your Yoast media settings in WordPress
  2. Ensure the box after this text ‘Redirect attachment URLs to the attachment itself?’ is set to ‘yes’
  3. If it was previously set to ‘no’ – change it to ‘yes’
  4. Check Google Search Console – have your indexed pages jumped up?
  5. If they have, follow the steps advised in the Yoast blog post (link below)
  6. Re-submit your site for fresh indexing

Our Clients

Our team is currently reviewing every project from the last 3 months to ensure that your settings are correct and that you are on the latest version of Yoast. If any action is required, we’ll look after this for you, so you will not need to take any action.

Further Reading on the Yoast Bug:

The Yoast post about the big: https://yoast.com/media-attachment-urls/

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