In today’s online marketing strategies we hear a lot of talk about high-quality content. But, what is high-quality content? We are going to go over that and discuss how you could use high-quality content and ways that you can understand what it is and how to fix it. One of the things that Google has told us is that that high-quality content is one of the single most important things that you can do. To win the SEO game, you need to be able to produce high-quality content. I have come across some new, and not so new, tools that Google has come out with that are going to help you be able to understand and determine if the content is high-quality. Why High-Quality Content First, let us look at this article by Google. The article is titled, “Steps to a Google-Friendly Website.” It’s about SEO. Google lists out three steps: give visitors the information they are looking for, make sure that other sites link to yours, and make your site easily accessible. Let’s focus on giving visitors the information they are looking for. The first two lines read, “Provide high-quality content on your pages, especially your homepage. This is the single most important thing to do…” There can only be one, “single most important thing to do…” The number one thing here is to provide high-quality content. Google goes on to describe high-quality content as attractive, useful, information-rich, clear and accurate and includes your keywords. Then people will link to it. And really, that’s kind of one of the big goals of creating content is to get links because Google still uses links. And to piggyback off this I’m going to show you this right here it says only natural links are ones that affect your indexing and ranking of your site well unnatural link to your site develops as part of the dynamic nature of the web when people find your content valuable or useful and they could be helpful to their visitors unnatural links was everything else right so unnatural links would include like wedding wire the not all those comment on my blog post and I’ll comment on yours and less common each other and that that that stuff doesn’t work doesn’t help it’s not it’s not an effective Method of performing SEO. So So that’s it. We’re building links. So again, the other thing is, well, high quality is helpful Information rich, right? So, you know, some people say, you know that, oh, content is images, which is true. And all you need are images. And that’s high quality. Well, according to Google, you write pages that clearly and accurately describe your topic. So you need actual words. I know there is a lot of people, I don’t want to put words on my website. I’m a photographer, and I get it. And it doesn’t mean you put a bunch of words, but just some, you know, there’s, there’s definitely a way to find out how much you need. Anyway, we’ll get into that in a minute. And then think about the words users would type to find your pages and include those words in your site. And they’re talking about search, right? What are you what are your what’s your actual target keyword? Well, your target keyword Are you actually using it on your website? II did about 10 audits this week of other photographers websites, and eight of them did not mention their keyword. You are not going to be able to rank unless you have you are mentioning and using your keywords. This goes into here so useful attractive helpful information rich and in clearly and accurately and then words that users would find to demand right okay so that’s there’s a premise here okay this is how why what we need and so what is high-quality content what is helpful What does information rich and all those sorts of things well we can we can start to start taking a look at some other things here that Google pushes out, and this is going to be there their search quality raters guidelines so what Google does are they employ humans people to go into and do a search for whatever keyword or something and look at the results and when they’re looking at the results to whatever shows up on page one This is the guidelines that they use to analyze the quality of those results. Right? So this is quality guidelines right? And so it’s actually searching quality, and so it’s the quality of the search not necessarily the quality of the content, but it does speak to those type of things one thing I want to point out here and bring to the forefront is this section here what’s actually section to understanding web pages and websites so it gets into here and this is kind of just giving them information one thing that’s an exciting thing that is I don’t find a lot of conversations about is this your money your life right pages right, and this is kind of this really abstract concept but some type of pages could potentially impact the future happiness Hellfire instability and secure users we call these why him while the following are examples we have very high page quality writing standards for why well because of low-quality pages could potentially negatively impact Users happiness health you know so we need to have their the very cognizant of that so when you’re looking at actually creating content The beginning is it going to potentially impact the future happiness the future health, financial stability or safety of the users? Right? That’s kind of where they kind of had those like four categories you know, and as a wedding photographer or a wedding professional or just a regular photographer or you know small business owner you got to look at how are you helping people’s happiness right what are the objections and things like that and our health or finance or safety in some of these you can you can actually provide safety information for about photoshoot stuff about weddings, and you can provide financial stability tips and things like that as well so but we will go too much in that, but you can see here It’s talking about different it gives some different examples and things like that, that you might want to consider there. Now it also breaks down The actual web page content, right? It’s so it breaks it into main content supplementary material and advertising and adds content. And I’m gonna I’m not going to spend too much time on this just because I just want to get some foundational understanding here When we’re looking at the main content, right? So any part of the page directly helps page achieve its purpose. So that means that every page needs a goal. And this gets into the quality of the content is, do you stay on point are you talking whatever that purposes are is all the content you’re creating? Does it help meet that pole that helps the page achieve that purpose? Webmasters directly control the MC of the pages, it can be text images, video page features, like calculators in games, it can be user-generated content video, Bubba wallace or things and it talks about examples of good and bad now the other side of that is going to be supplementary content it contributes to a good user experience on the page but does not Hello page achieve its purpose controls webmasters, it’s kind of the same thing. And of course, you have to add stuff, I’m not really going to get into the different ads. But then it gets into, we go into actually talking about, about the actual quality content of those of those different types of content. So the first thing I just wanted to point out is that there are, you know, you want to make sure your stay on point and then the content your creation is is aligned with what is actually that page is trying to accomplish and so forth. So this goes into reviews. And this right here is like 170 something page document that that can do that. Now we get into here, characteristics of high quality pages, right. And I’m not talking about content talking about pages. And here it talks about when you get into section for part two is satisfying amount of high quality content content, right. And again, the quality of the main contact is one of the most important criteria for people Quality ring ranking and informs the eat right, which is expertise, authoritative, this and trustworthiness or the page and so we are trying to show at least the following time, effort expertise skill level, right so there’s some information here so for each page evaluate the speed the spend a few minutes examining the main content and again this is the purpose of this is for people humans to give feedback to the machine on what is considered high quality so it actually learns every year it learns from people and it impacts Google’s direction and the ranking so when people say oh, you should write for people and then SEO will follow well that’s true, right? Because that would be the way that Google learns and is impacted influenced is by the by the quality of the content and by people and how people interact with that content. So it is very human involved in human impact impacted their So purposes, this page will determine what the content means. So that page I call information should be factual, accurate, clearly written and comprehensive, right? That’s another big word here is comprehensive, right? So when you were talking about comprehensiveness, we’re talking about let’s say, you’re trying to rank for a specific wedding venue. And in the wedding on, you have a blog post. It was Sally and Frank’s wedding, and you have some information about them a little bit information about the venue, and then a bunch of photos. Well, if you google the venue, my name you’re trying to rank for that venue will look at the people that are on page one and look at their content, look at their main content, and what do they have in their main content. And you can even make like a bullet list. Okay, they talk about this, you talk about the cathedral, they talk about the the back 40 they talk about parking, they talk about you know, and then Okay, the second result, they talk about this so you end up with a whole list of the different points that everyone talks about. And now you can briefly mentioned extensively mentioned each of those items as its proper as long as they clearly actually add to the purpose of thing just trying to show you know rank for the venue and so you can be comprehensive and allow that they’re so high quality shopping content does you find a product with purchase and have answered all the questions and you have humor satire entertaining factual accurate not is not a requirement as long as page is understood by this satire it just gonna be understandable and it goes into some some some examples there and has some examples of some high quality what they call that and then also it shows you can actually go to actual websites and look and see examples of high quality content main content and celebrating content and I’m not going to go too much into the to the D detail in this and the also the very high quality right high degree of time and effort particular expertise, you know, and then it actually gets into you’ll start finding medium and low quality right it actually helps you define high, medium and low content and quality, right? And so this is this is here it’s going to be so it’s talking about the the breadth and depth, the comprehensiveness, did you put any effort into it? And does it show expertise, authoritative, and trustworthiness? And that’s the kind of stuff here that is so lacking right so this is gonna be the low quality pages low quality stuff here and you can see there so as you are as you’re looking at this you then can you can help make a determination of where that’s at so someone just told me I’m not going live I’m trying to share it again with the better my life profiles here now public Okay, so cheer to my timeline because even see me and then I’m going to share this also with the group we’re sure to a page and I’ll go with turn up services, I guess. Let’s try that alright so so now we’ve established that high quality content is Google’s single most important thing to do high quality content signal it’s poor thing to do. We’ve also identified what Google considers high quality and low quality or very high it actually goes in there and so we can see kind of like just in general what what that means and you can go and dive in deeper into this and to understand the content now what I want to show now as a kind of a new tool that we’ve found that we’ve discovered and and what I’m going to do here I’m just going to randomly search for wedding photographer in Miami, right? So we’re just looking for a website here and I’m going to go to the I’m gonna go down here to the number actually I’m going to go to a a ad right sorry, I just cause just charge you Probably dollar 50. And so we’re looking here and I didn’t know this person, sorry, whatever. So here we have a, a little introduction here, right? Hi, my name is so and so whatever. And so if I if I copy this data here, and what I want to do this over here, I’m gonna share this is cloud dot com, Google Cloud. com natural language. And this is Google’s AI machine learning product, right? Says Google natural language. Anybody can go to this, it’s free. And you have tried the API, right? So what I can do is I can go in here and I can enter in the, the information that was that I just copied and is this is this quality. So I click Analyze. And now I have again, this is all stuff here from Google. It’s going to show me entities and one thing that we’ve learned is that Google doesn’t rank for keywords anymore. They rank for entities, right. And an entity can be a person work of art location and things like that. Right? So You can see other person client stories or work of art. It’s interesting how they’re relating things like that you have Orlando, Florida, you have the person, you know other. So you can start seeing that. Now, one other score here is silence, which is going to be, if you can read that, it’s kind of shows the importance of certainty of an entity to the entire document. Text range from zero less, you know, whatever. So, then this is depending on how the, this is using the words that actually contribute to it. So you want it if you can avoid, not avoid, but, you know, if you don’t, if you don’t, if you have a lot of content, lot of words that are going there are entities that are have no silence, then you wouldn’t want kind of Ruby restructure things to where they they do so another thing here we have a sentiment, right and this one here scores pretty good, but you can actually look at a per sentence level of the sentiment score that are that’s there we have to have the syntax and this is where it gets really interesting. So this is where you Can you can look at Senate’s and look at the structure and it helps you understand what this is all about and there are certain criteria and talked about you know there’s more than six hops to get from the subject to the predicate then there it’s a too long since also you see sometimes you see a break where there’s no overlap so here’s like in the middle of this one but there is a gap here so this right here this particular post there’s nothing coming to the aim right so this whole like right here is I have a passion for young age I am so this should be a you know because we see the split right here this should be a two sentences This is a run on right so we can see this like okay there’s no there’s there’s nothing yapping the span so this is like a run on senate so it’s actually the quality is quite quite low in terms of that particular Senate’s and you can start to dive deeper to ensue Have you grammar girl Marion and English nerds. This can be can be can be really interesting. And then the final thing we look at is category. Right? So this is interesting. So the Google has read this. And the number one Caliph category that they consider this language is business services, right? If you’re if you’re a corporate photographer than, yeah, great. So I, you know it at a minimum, look at your go to your website, go to your homepage, grab the content, and paste it in here. And look what category at Google thinks, right? This is what Google thinks is the category that they took this content in, and we find so many clients that they would plug it in there and it has no categories or we have no idea like photo video services. Yeah, that’s, that’s I mean, that’s right. Marriage relationships, right? Yeah, okay. You’re talking about it but you haven’t really bridged the gap even you know, the photography and the you know, there’s a little bit more here that we want to take. Capture there and then of course we had the special occasion wedding this one should be like, you know the top three of the business services can throws it off so you can really get a good idea of the quality of the content that you have on your site right so then you can also go into a like an about page or a pricing page or blog page and start to jump that Trump that information there and really figured out also there’s a there’s a really good guide here by Briggs be calm that talks about how to use this tool and it actually has 10 ways to improve your writing using the natural language processor and I’m not going to go through the details in this but this is a good way also to if you’re if you’re looking to to really get your you know, get your sounds up getting get your content to be high quality. This is a great tool and a great framework which you can use. So to recap, we know that high quality content is the single most important thing to do. Google provides us with clear district options and definitions of what high quality content is and what low quality content is and what it does and the purpose and and then we have an opportunity here to increase the the natural language processor one thing about this natural language processor to is really geared toward voice search and Google is using voice search technology which is this natural language processor to score and rank the quality of your content they put a lot of effort to get the voice thing going and that effort now they’re actually oh we can use this here too right so now there were using that in this multiplication so all right well i’m i’m probably going to do a put out a blog post an article on this if if you’d like to, to to see that when it comes out. You can certainly you can go over to turn a web services. com and if you request a site audit, you’ll get on my mailing list and I can send that out to you or you can you can follow us over Turner web services. com or go to our Facebook group. I’m sorry, that Facebook page And follow us there and you’ll get notified that also our YouTube channel and things like that now if you are also interested in having us take a look at your website maybe you need some SEO help you can go return home services. com again this is where you can also if you fill out the the audit request form we will gladly take a quick look at your website you actually get a PDF right away and then we’ll take a deeper look and get back to you shortly all right well that’s the end of life I don’t take too much your time I hope you found this useful get any questions I’ll monitor the chat and the the comments down below this video it’s that no the video probably usually the comments come in after its will have a handful people on live but I’ll be watching that and love to answer any questions you have. And also make sure to put links to the different resources that I linked to. All right, thanks again for checking this out. And if and and hope you enjoy the rest of your day. Thank you.