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What The Pro SEO Package Comes With:

Done-For-You Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis

Critical part of engaging in search engine optimization is to do your research. We evaluate your business and business goals to determine which keywords will yield you the highest quality traffic. We also evaluate the competitors that are currently ranking for the keywords you are aiming for. By understanding the value of the potential keywords and the competitiveness of the websites that are currently ranking, we can make quality decisions on the direction of your online marketing. The keyword research and competitor analysis include:

  • Use seed keywords to identify hundreds and often thousands of potential keywords
  • Identify the optimal ‘High Volume’ keywords (the ones that get the most traffic)
  • Analyze how competitive each of the optimal keywords are
  • Make suggestion for the best keyword
  • Identify who is currently ranking for these keywords
  • Report on over 200 SEO factors for each of your competitors
  • Reverse engineer how your competitors are on page one for your optimal keyword
  • Identify what errors and miss opportunities exist on your site as compared to your competition
  • Provide detailed analysis of your site and your competitor’s sites on a color-coded spreadsheet
  • Record a video going over the data and presenting it to you for feedback

SEO Strategy Development

A solid SEO strategy is based on the principles of holistic SEO. This means that we strive for a website that is awesome in every way.  It should contain great information, is technically sound, easy to use, and be fast and safe. Websites that perform better, meaning they are fast loading sites where people find what they’re looking for, rank better in Google. That’s why we prefer to evaluate and improve your website with a broader view. Using the inputs from the keyword research, competitor analysis, and current SEO rankings, we will devise a sound SEO strategy.

Done-For-You Website Fix/Optimization

We have discovered that involving the photographer or business owner in the changes and handsome it’s made to their website yields better results. When we can educate you on the how what when why and where of searching and optimization you tend to make better results in all aspects of your business. We record videos of us doing the work on your website so you get to observe it, and so you can receive proof that we did our work. It only takes one stray piece of code or ignored setting for your SEO to not work. We’ve compiled a list of things that we typically do. Our real goal is to Improve your rankings, so we focus on the elements that really matter. At Turner Web Services, our focus is primarily SEO. As such, we make site changes that do not impact aesthetic or design. There may be some SEO improvements we suggest that may require the client (or a hired 3rd party) to perform design changes. In these situations, please note that we do not offer a design service, so it will be the client’s responsibility to action these changes or hire a 3rd party to do so.

Here is a list of common things we perform:

  • Write and change/add page titles on non-blog pages (up to 20)
  • Write and change/add meta descriptions on non-blog pages (up to 20)
  • Remove meta keywords on non-blog page (up to 20)
  • Identify and remove most ‘Black Hat’ SEO practices
  • Add appropriate image alt text for homepage
  • Configure and share XML sitemap
  • Configure and install appropriate robots.txt files
  • Identify opportunities to add appropriate keyword copy on key pages
  • Write, change, and redirect permalinks/URL’s for non-blog pages (as needed)
  • Implement redirects for www vs non-www (canonical) as needed
  • Install and configure anti-malware plugin (WordPress only)
  • Install and configure Yoast SEO plugin (WordPress only)
  • Ensure/implement appropriate internal linking structure/navigation is appropriate on non-blog pages
  • Ensure/implement appropriate external linking on non-blog pages
  • Identify and suggest corrective actions for page load speed issues
  • Identify and suggest corrective actions for and 4XX and/or 5XX errors
  • Identify and suggest corrective actions for duplicate/unused URL’s
  • Identify and suggest corrective actions for missing image alt text
  • Identify and suggest corrective actions for thin content pages
  • Identify and suggest corrective actions for mobile friendly design
  • Identify and suggest corrective actions for presence of name, address, and phone number
  • Setup/Ensure Google Analytics is properly set up on site
  • Setup/Ensure Google Search Console is properly verified
  • Setup/Ensure Google Analytics and Search Console are synced
  • Ensure/Assist with setting up Google Business
  • Configure/Ensure canonical in Google Search Console
  • Submit sitemap in Google Search Console
  • Setup appropriate international targeting
  • Identify and suggest HTML improvement suggestions
  • Identify and suggest corrective actions for mobile errors
  • Identify and suggest corrective actions for crawl errors
  • Identify and suggest corrective actions for security errors

Complete Blog Audit

Blogging and content creation has evolved into a critical part of a successful SEO strategy. In this audit, we will evaluate your current body of content and assess how it aligns with your SEO strategy we have recently established. We will look for opportunities to make improvements on individual post and the overall structure of the blog. We will look at categories, tags, sidebars, footers, calls to action, navigations, etc… All of these elements work together to make a solid blog on your website. The audit will deliver actionable and thorough advice on how to improve your site, the blog, and individual post.

Photo SEO Academy

A critical part of an SEO strategy is the recurring task. On a regular basis, you should be creating content, performing outreach and link building, and tracking and measuring your results. In the Photo SEO Academy, We teach you how to perform these activities on a recurring basis. We provide you with the tools, worksheets, and information to successfully set up an ongoing SEO workflow. The Photo SEO Academy includes:

  • 6 months access to 7+ hours of self-led, online video SEO training
  • Learn 5 Google safe methods to build links leveraging your blog, network, and photos/art
  • Learn the tactical and technical aspects of crafting the perfectly optimized blog post
  • Discover how to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to bolster SEO and traffic
  • Learn how to use Google analytics to guide your online marketing decisions
  • Discover how to use Google’s Search Console to see where you really rank
  • We show you how to track SEO trends in your business to see what’s coming
  • Learn how to set up and use a blogging calendar
  • Discover how to generate an endless supply of blog topic ideas

Three More 45-minute Strategy/Coaching Calls

We will meet one-on-one throughout your project to strategize, go over the results of our actions, and talk about what we are going to do for you and your website and whatever else you want to discuss. We will dive deeper into your business goals and history to discover additional opportunities to enhance your search engine optimization. We can get done more in 45 minutes than most people can accomplish in two weeks on their own. Additionally, while we are on the video calls if there are any live edits to your site we can make we will not hesitate to do them. These conversations will be recorded and given to you to keep.

Personalized Blogging Training

Blogging is a key element of searches revelation. Creating fresh and relevant content on a regular basis will help you get ranked for your main keyword and hundreds or thousands of longtail keywords. We will record a video of us log into your website going through a recent post and showing you how to optimize that post. We will show you how to structure and set up a viable content plan that will contribute to your overall SEO strategy. The personalized blog training includes:

  • Learn the tactical and technical aspects of crafting the perfectly optimized blog post
  • Learn how to set up and use a blogging calendar
  • Discover how to generate an endless supply of blog topic ideas
  • All these personalized training sessions are recorded and given to you

Personalized Link Building Training

Link building can be a very tricky and sometimes dangerous activity. It will not harm you physically, but it is a quick way to get penalized by Google. Done the right way you can Not only improve your rankings but garner quality traffic to your site. We will create a personalized video covering five Google safe methods to build links leveraging your blog, network, and photos/art. This video will be accompanied by a spreadsheet filled with custom data about your competitor’s links, citation links, and others; and how to acquire them for your site.

Personalized Analytics Training

In this personalized, custom video you will discover how to use Google analytics to guide your online marketing decisions and how to use Google’s Search Console to see where you really rank. We show you how to track SEO trends in your business to see what’s coming. This data will also help you generate blog topic ideas and provide insights on which older blog post to optimize.

Unlimited On-demand Blog Quality Grading

During the duration of your project Any blog post you create we will gladly perform an SEO audit. We will look through the URL structure, titles, metadata, body copy, images, links, categories, tags, etc… We will provide a detailed breakdown of what needs to be improved. This is a central part of the learning process as you master the craft of blogging and content creation.

Done-With-You Conversion Optimization (Turn Traffic Into Inquiries)

We perform conversion optimization analysis and implementation to turn the traffic we generate into customers. We will analyze the behavior of current traffic to identify leaks, flow, and trends in your current traffic. We will also focus on your current conversions to identify trends in their behavior so we can discover how to control traffic on your site. By adjusting subtle nuances like button placement, contact form language, etc., we can improve the rate at which people submit inquiries. We will also install conversion tracking allow us greater insight into the behavior of your traffic. These benefits will not only improve traffic from Google, but will also improve traffic from other sources like Facebook, Instagram, or referrals.

Three Blog Posts or Page Content Written

One of the most common things I hear from photographers is “I HATE blogging!” As we all know Blogging is required to create and maintain a competitive advantage in the photography industry. Our blog writing includes:

  • All our writers are US and UK based, & English is their first language
  • 400-500 words (written, search engine optimized, and published)
  • Ghostwritten and we learn your writing style
  • Optimize up to 10 images
  • Tagging and Linking
  • You provide the images and a bit of background info
  • Can be used for a featured post or an evergreen post
  • Blogging calendar and content plan template and support (In the blogging guide)

Three More Blog Posts Optimized (3 From The Complete + 3 From The Pro Package)

Your current content can be a goldmine of an SEO opportunity. By identifying the pieces of content that are ranking well but not experiencing a high click-through rate or conversion rate, we can find low hanging fruit opportunities. Optimizing these current pieces of content will often bring fast, high-quality traffic from Google and often fresh leads. Will identify six blog post that will yield you the best results.

Homepage Content Optimized/Written

Google has identified that your homepage is the most important page of your website. Making your homepage high-quality is “the single most important thing you can do” to make your website Google friendly. A solid homepage structure and accompanying quality content will dramatically enhance your rankings. We will go through your homepage to identify opportunities to add the appropriate copy. We will write the text for your homepage to fit within the ideal structure. We will assist you in adding this to your site. However, you will be responsible for design and implementation. Finally, we will perform a publishing review to make sure it is aligned with Google’s best practices.

Advanced Review Management

Reviews of your business have become a critical part of a local SEO strategy. That only our reviews a ranking factor for Google, but they are also a key factor in lead generation and sales. You will be given six months access to the Photographer Grade software. Photographer Grade provides an easy and unobtrusive way to ask and remind customers to review your business on the sites that matter to you. We call it a “review funnel”.

Advanced Analytic Reporting

Understanding the analytics of your website helps you make better decisions in your website management, SEO, blogging, social media, paid ads, and even face-to-face networking. We are providing you access to premium analytics software that allows you to track and monitor your rankings, backlinks, competitors, technical issues, social media, audience demographics, and so much more!  You will receive a detailed graphical PDF every month breaking down the growth of your online marketing.

Package Terms

  • Typical Duration: 6-8 Months
  • We Record Our Work And Give You The Video
  • All Work is White Hat and Google Safe

Two Ways To Get Started


 7 monthly payments of $500.


 1  payment of $3325. *Includes 5% discount

Frequently asked questions

How fast will I see results?

We typically see an uptick in impressions within the first 2-3 month of a project.

What are your support hours?

We offer support Monday – Friday from 8am – 5 pm CST.

How can I contact you?

You can email us at

What if I'm not happy with your services?

We strive to help you reach your marketing goals with SEO. Given the bespoke nature of the work, results can vary. A strong majority of our clients see significant results and earn much more than they invested with us. We will work with you to get those results.

Can I upgrade to a bigger package?

Yes, 100% of what you pay toward a package can be used toward the purchase of a larger package.

What package is best for my business?

The Starter package is for younger websites or clients who just want their site fixed and “up to code.” This package fixes the core pages on your website. While in you website fixing it up, we will record ourselves doing the work!

The Complete package is for clients who want to learn how to blog and perform monthly SEO better and faster. This package has everything the starter has, plus we are setting up a custom workflow and teaching you monthly SEO. This is for clients that want to grow their reach and online presence. Our most popular package!

The Pro Package is for the professional photographer or creative who wants a jumpstart on their business, but is limited on time. It includes everything in the Starter and the Complete packages. This package will perform the monthly SEO for you for a period of time so you can see it done by a team of experts. We are also going to get your site to convert better and coach you along the way.

Want to Chat With Ben Before You Get Started?

Sometimes we want to talk with a real human before we make a financial commitment. A conversation is not required for you to get started, but we understand if you would rather chat first. I’d love to speak with you!



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