Refund Policy

As a Client (henceforth “you” or ”client”), you are responsible for understanding that upon placing an order on (herein jointly referred to as ”us” or ”we”), you agree to the following terms:

Consumer Laws

US Federal Law allows consumers a 3-day ‘cooling-off’ period. During this period consumers can change their mind and receive a full refund. This applies to our services as there’s an education/training element. We do not start site optimization during this time, but we will start the process of setting up your project. You can read more about your rights by visiting the Federal Trade Commission website.

Our Services

We provide a customized and bespoke service involving substantial human labor. We, therefore, do not offer refunds to our core SEO services after they have begun. Services usually begin the next business day after order placement, but sometimes sooner. We reserve all rights in determining whether an order is eligible for a refund on the grounds of order commencement. Orders that are no longer eligible for a refund, but still pending completion may be terminated without refund at the request of the client.

Search Engines

We expressly deny any claims to control or directly affect the behavior of search engines. This includes, but is not limited to, Google™, Yahoo™, Bing™, etc. Turner Web Services makes good faith claims of previous ability to contribute to change in clients’ rankings in search engines, but absolutely no express guarantee of future performance. By placing an order, you understand that all search engines are products completely and totally operated by parties other than Turner Web Services, and as such, we cannot be expressly held responsible for their behavior. Any data of previous effectiveness provided by us or otherwise should be accepted as such and that all future results achieved by us may vary.

Turner Web Services expressly disclaims direct responsibility to changes in rankings of clients’ sites as these sites are fully owned and managed by parties other than us, presumably respective clients. We do not act as an agency on behalf of the client, but merely a vendor. Accordingly, Turner Web Services disclaims any responsibility to provide research, consulting or any other services above and beyond those expressly outlined in our advertised packages on our pricing page.

Changes to Our Services

We make a good faith effort to provide clear and recent information regarding our products and services, as marketed on and elsewhere. Since we are constantly improving our products and services, we advise clients that there may be occasional discrepancies between advertised and live products.

Turner Web Services disclaims responsibility for irresponsible, unwise or uninformed use of its products, or misinterpretation of its offerings. We make a good faith effort to answer all questions and concerns before a clients purchase when such questions are presented by the client to us. We also make good faith efforts to support existing clients. Please email us at or contact us if you have any further questions.


Our content service is outsourced to a third party supplier and is subject to change should we deem it appropriate. Our clients have the ability to view content before it is approved. Clients can decide whether they will accept it, decline it, or request the writer make amendments. Clients can decline content as unsuitable if they wish. The article request would then be put out for a fresh writer to submit an alternative article. Content can only be refunded BEFORE the ordering process has started via our third-party content provider.

Content supplied by our third-party suppliers is optimized by us.

Coaching Calls

Coaching calls are not refundable after they have been delivered. Whilst we make efforts to record coaching calls, we disclaim liability for our software failing to record calls.

Duration of Projects

Our advertised project durations are based on good faith judgments of previous ability to contribute to change in clients’ rankings in search engines, in addition to a sufficient review period to track progress. We reserve the right to extend projects where performance improvements are slower than expected, or that require longer to recover from pre-existing issues including but not limited to manual action notices and search engine penalties. Projects where a client makes a platform change or migrates a site midway through, will run longer than the advertised duration. We do not issue refunds for projects that run over the advertised duration.

We reserve the right to pause projects due to algorithm changes so that we can research and assess the impact of these prior to continuing and either continuing to deliver the advertised product or service, or an adapted version based on our professional judgment.

Refund Policy Agreement

This Agreement is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the United States of America, in the state of Florida. The parties submit all their disputes arising out of or in connection with this agreement to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Florida.