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One of the most popular questions we see at Turner Web Services is “can I rank in Google using Showit5?” Our answer is YES, absolutely! Need help ranking on the first page with your Showit site? We can help!

With Showit, there are a few SEO challenges, but most of them come as a result of the incredible flexibility of the platform. Sometimes when you give people complete freedom to design their website, it makes it easier to make SEO mistakes. Once you overcome these basic obstacles, there are plenty of opportunities to optimize you Showit site for search engines. In fact, we’ve written an entire guide to SEO for photographers over on our SEO education blog.

Showit Video Tutorials

Here are a few videos that will walk you through the basics of Showit SEO. To see the full guide, be sure to head over to Photo SEO Academy Showit Course

VIDEO: Showit Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

Adding page titles and meta descriptions to every page is a critical part of a solid SEO strategy. Here’s a quick tutorial how to add them in Showit5

VIDEO: Showit Image Titles and Alt Text

As a photographer, image SEO is very important. You want to add the appropriate titles and Alt text for each image on your Showit site. Here is a tutorial to help you get started.

VIDEO: Showit H1 Tags

H1 tags are one of the most abused and ignored part of your Showit sites content structure. Adding the appropriate H1 tag and H2 tags will help users and Google understand the structure of your content.

VIDEO: Showit Onpage Markup and Schema

Schema and open graph protocol are not currently native to the Showit system. It is important to add these but we need to do it manually. Here’s tutorial on how to add schema and open graph protocol.

VIDEO: How To Setup Conversion Tracking With Showit5 and Google Analytics

Conversion tracking helps you understand the source and behavior of people who filled out the contact form on your Showit site. This can help you make educated decisions on how to improve your site to compel more people to submit inquiries.

Additional Showit Resources

Here are a couple of resources we’ve created for the Showit blog:

Ben has even been invited to speak about SEO at United on two separate occasions! We have also had plenty of Showit 5 clients who have seen excellent results in search engines!

If you are interested in hiring a professional to take care of your Showit 5 SEO, let’s talk! You can start by requesting a FREE site audit, where we’ll check out your site and recommend a plan of action.

Switching from Squarespace or WordPress to Showit

If you are switching to Showit from another platform (like WordPress or Squarespace) we recommend getting in touch BEFORE you switch your site. We’ve seen quite a few examples of people who have switched without a proper migration plan and seen major decreases in ranking. We also sell a migration consulting plan where we will oversee your entire migration and do everything possible to make sure your rankings are preserved.

Need Help With Your Showit SEO?

We love the Showit team, and we love Showiteers. If you ever have questions about Showit SEO, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

What is Showit?

From the early days of a Polaroid camera to today’s digital cameras that are essentially hand-held computers, photographers today can do more things than ever when they look through a lens. But to take photography to the next level, it’s imperative to utilize the very latest technological advances. For both professional and amateur photographers, a great SEO website for photographers is, which features the web design app known as Showit5.

No Code Necessary

If you’re like most people unless you have a computer science degree you have no idea how to write code. That what makes Showit5 so popular with photographers of all skill levels, since no knowledge of code writing is required. Instead, it’s loaded with numerous free designs that can be used for a variety of applications, allowing users to create websites that will astound those who see them. With its drag-and-drop builder, it has the ability to make the web design process easier than ever. And along with being easy to use, it’s also designed to help create websites that will be easily formatted not only on desktops and laptops, but also mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Responsive Canvas Technology

As an SEO website for photographers that uses Responsive Canvas technology, Showit emphasizes high levels of interactivity among those who create a site and those who visit the site. Making the design process as simple as scroll, swipe, animate, and click, Showit5 can not only make a website look like a million bucks, but also play a big part in plenty of other online activities as well.

Showit5 Blog

In today’s online world, nothing gets the word out about a business more so than blog postings. However, many businesses find it hard to keep their blogs current, interesting, and eye-catching due to time constraints and other factors. But for those using Showit5, they can say goodbye to WordPress and hello to blog templates that make the process easy and fun. By using Showit5 for blogs as well as websites, photographers can make both their pictures and words captivating to everyone.

As an SEO website for photographers that emphasizes ease of use, as well as fun, Showit and its Showit5 web design platform, make the job of a photographer even more interesting. With features found nowhere else and a tech support team ready to answer any questions that may arise during the design process, Showit5 will be used by more and more photographers in the years ahead.